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Welcome to Precious Memories Childcare & Preschool Center

We believe that learning can be made into a fun and unique experience for every child. It would be a fulfilling time when they can develop their skills, talents, and capabilities at their own pace. Here at Precious Memories Childcare & Preschool Center, we help mold your kids’ future by equipping them with the tools needed to excel at life, a great education and an exceptional character. A caring environment and wonderful experiences await your children at our center. We offer them the opportunity to explore and widen their knowledge through a set of impressive age-appropriate education programs. With incredibly patient and highly skilled teachers, you can be assured that the time your child spends at our center will be packed with wonderful experiences to last a lifetime. Let us, together, shape a brighter future for our younger generation. Become part of our mission by calling us at 870-247-1888 / 870-209-3312 or sending an email to

Programs We Offer

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    Day Care

    We have an excellent learning environment for your little kiddos to explore and enjoy!

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    Before and After School

    We offer loads of fun and learning before and after school time and transportation services is provided to make your child’s school experience even better!

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    We offer an enriching educational experience to challenge and stimulate the child’s mind in a fun and entertaining setting.

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Mission Statement

We are committed to the pursuit of quality education through an array of excellent programs with structured activities that challenge and stimulate the minds of our pupils. We strive to provide the best learning methods that ensure holistic development of the youth, adequately equipping them to take on future endeavors and achieve success.